Rayman Legends Boasts Exclusive Wii-U Functionality

Posted on April 27, 2012 by Jesse Lord

First things first.  If you haven’t gotten your grubby mitts on Rayman Origins, spectacular game that it is, go do that.  Right now.  I’ll wait.

Done?  Great.  Ok, so there has been a rumbling that Ubisoft is working on a follow-up to that refreshing platformer, and the news has broken by way of a leaked trailer for Rayman Legends, which you will see embedded below the jump.  This in and of itself is great news – unfortunately Rayman Origins, while generally criticallyacclaimed across platforms, did not see spectacular sales and therefore the likelihood of a sequel seemed to be but a far-away dream.  Thankfully Ubisoft were unfazed by the sluggish sales and took to the development of a sequel anyways. Thanks, Ubi!

So when you look at the below trailer, make sure to watch to the very end for some surprising, rather awesome, Wii-U-exclusive functionality.  And when I say the end, I mean ALL the way to the end.  We’re talking suggestions of some pretty ridiculous fanservice here.

So what are your thoughts?  Is this something you can get behind?  Does this game look like it will fit the bill for your awesome platformer needs?  Will the Wii-U functionality be enough for you to want to get that version over say the 360 or PS3 versions?

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