New Titanfall 2 Update Brings Holiday Themed Decals, New Playlist and New Weapon Skins

Posted on December 14, 2017 by Rae Michelle Richards

After nearly a year and a half of release, I figured that the days of Titanfall 2 updates were over but apparently not. Next week the next update for Respawn Entertainment’s criminally under-played mech shooter, dubbed Operation Endeavor brings a whole pile of smaller content drops just in time for the holidays. 

Six weapons will be receiving new Elite Warpaint skins which will be available for $4.99 USD or $19.99 USD for all six. 

These new skins include: 

  • Heat Sink EM-4 Cold War 
  • Masterwork D-2 Double Take 
  • Phantom Longbow DMR 
  • Purple Fade G2AS 
  • Crimson Fury R-21 Carbine 
  • Sky R-97 

Two new banners will be made available in standard and gradient quality: “Before Grapple” and “Sliegh-er”. 

Also coming just in time for the snow to start falling are a set of tweaked gameplay modes with modified rule sets. It might not be that new map you wanted for the holiday update or an entirely brand new mode but what we do get is Last Titan Standing with huge cooldown and health changes. Also coming to Titanfall is the classic arena FPS mode, Rocket Arena! Old school fans of the Quake series might have a reason to check out TF2’s latest patch. 

Here’s a full breakdown of the new modes: 

  • Turbo LTS – Last Titan Standing gametype with double core generation and dash regen rates. Everyone also has Turbo Engine kit. 
  • Spicy Attrition – Attrition where everyone’s Ordnance ability is replaced with Ticks. 
  • The Otherside – All Phase Attrition. 
  • Rocket Arena – Live Fire with modified EPGs and autopistols. 
  • Turbo Titan Brawl – Titan Brawl with double core generation and dash regen rates. Everyone also has Turbo Engine kit. 

Make sure to check out the full post by Respawn at the source link for detailed changes found within this upcoming patch. I know a lot of the community were not happy with the huge Grapple nerf, meaning no more swinging around like your pilot belongs in Attack on Titan. Respawn has at least reverted a bit of that nerf, in that the Grapple ability can now store two charges. 


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