Guardian, It Is Time To Get Excited About Destiny 2

Posted on May 19, 2017 by Rae Michelle Richards

Destiny 2 had its big reveal at a media event in Los Angeles yesterday with a live streamed keynote presentation that included brand new details for the game, our first look at the game’s single player mission and a few small teases at what to expect from what will surely be one of this Falls’ most anticipated first person shooters. Media who attended the event were also able to capture raw gameplay footage from the PC build of the game, which will be released after an unspecified embargo date.

Watch The First In-Game Campaign Missions:

Known In-Game Locations:

  • European Dead Zone which is the new settlement of the Guardians after the first campaign mission ‘Welcome Home’.
  • One of the moons of Saturn, Titan will be featured in the campaign. After the collapse of earth’s colonies, this once bustling metropolis now exists among the sea of methane.
  • The robotic Vex from the first title return, now occupying Planetoid Nessus where players will encounter Cayde-6.
  • Sacred to the Warlocks is a moon of Jupiter which was one of the last places the technologically advanced traveler visited before the great collapse. Players will encounter Ikora within this location in the campaign.
  • Each of the four planets that are included in Destiny 2 won’t just be destinations to do patrols or other open world missions. All four of them will include towns, quests, NPCS and pieces of lore that will give guardians even more reasons to explore.


  • Two new weapon types: Grenade Launchers and Chainguns.
  • Kinetic, Energy and Power weapon slots replace the first title’s Primary, Secondary and Heavy weapon system.
  • There will be overlap between these different weapon types, for example, Some weapons are both Kinetic and Power weapons all in one package.

The Weapons Menu will be instantly recognizable to existing Destiny players. Here are a few examples from GameSpots coverage of the game:

Things Destiny 1 Players Should Know

  • Your gear, weapons, items and currency will not carry over to Destiny 2.
  • Race, Class and Appearance choices will carry over from the 2014 original.
  • Destiny 1 veterans will receive other in-game rewards and acknowledgment for the time spent in Bungie’s world over the years.


  • Player Vs Player (PVP) combat returns in Destiny 2 however the team sizes have been scaled down to 4 Vs 4. The original Destiny featured modes that were 3 VS 3, 6 player free for alls, 6 Vs 6 and other team compositions depending on the mode selected.
  • PVP Crucible mode will feature improvements to the HUD so that you can easily tell your teammates positions, objective position, objective status and team health.
  • One Raid has been confirmed for Destiny 2 but little is known about it at this time. Expect it to be similar to the other raids that we have had in previous iterations.
  • Single player returns with a stronger narrative focus.
  • Strikes and the more challenging Nightfalls will return for all of us who enjoy repeating the same missions over and over for experience.
  • Matchmaking is coming for Raids (in addition to the previously available matchmaking services for Strikes & Crucible) in the form of ‘Guided Games’. This new feature will work in conjunction with the new Clans system which will allow a single player to find a pre-formed party who might need an extra player or two to round out their roster.

PS4 Pro Enhanced

Exclusive Content

  • There will be an open beta for Destiny 2 that will be available to all, just like the first game. There will also be a period of exclusivity for pre-order customers who put down $5 at Gamestop or other retailers.
  • Destiny 2 will support 4K resolution but as of right now it is currently exclusive to the PC.
  • An ‘Expansion Pass’ will allow Guardians to access the first two expansions for Destiny 2 Year One. A bundle with the Destiny 2 base game and the ‘Expansion Pass’ is priced at $89.99 USD.
  • The PC version of Destiny 2 will be exclusive to the launcher – sorry no Steam integration or Windows Store version for Destiny’s debut on PC.
  • PlayStation 4 players once again receive exclusive content for one full year over other platforms. Details on what exactly this exclusivity entails will be announced at a later time.
  • PS4 Pro features & Xbox Scorpio features are expected to be revealed at E3.

Destiny 2 will be released worldwide for PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox Scoprio on September 8th 2017.

We will have more Destiny 2 coverage as information, media and impressions become available. When the embargo time drops and raw gameplay footage begins to hit YouTube and other providers we will be sure to bring you a rundown.

PVP Action Screenshots

A Look At The Hunter Gear:

A Look At The Titan Gear:

A Look At The Warlock Gear:

Strike Screenshots:

Gameplay Reveal Cinematic Trailer

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Activision Blizzard Destiny Destiny 2 Gameplay Reveal Gameplay Trailer

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