Yo-Kai Watch trading card game quietly released last month?

Posted on September 19, 2016 by Jason Nason

So today at my local Wal-Mart I happened upon booster packs for the Yo-Kai Watch collectible trading card game. I was taken by surprise as there has been virtually no news about the game aside from a very brief mention during a Nintendo Direct many months ago. And with the second game(s) coming to the Nintendo 3DS in less than two weeks I was a bit surprised that this release flew under the radar for me.

And it seems like it has for the rest of the internet.

I can’t find any listing for the cards on Amazon.com besides from import cards, nor have I seen the cards in Toys’R’Us or EB Games in Canada. Heck, the official website for the cards features the Japanese cards which look nothing like the cards that are in the packs I opened.

The cards are a product of Hasbro Gaming, which has the licence for toys and games, but their website is less than helpful. Doing a search for the cards on their website yields no results, including looking at “all products” in the Yo-Kai category. A google search does show two items on their website, which are both card boxes with a few booster packs. A deep dive into their website also reveals a “how to play” which can be viewed here.

From a video someone shot and posted on YouTube about the game earlier it seems like these cards have been out for more than a month.

Maybe there will be more of a push as we get closer to the holiday shopping season.


Yo-Kai Watch



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