Titanfall 2 Ready For Launch On October 28th

Posted on June 12, 2016 by Rae Michelle Richards

It is official – Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts will unleash an assault upon both online & offline players in the form of Titanfall 2 on October 28th. Unlike the first title, which was released exclusively for Windows PC & Xbox One, Titanfall 2 will include both a single-player campaign and multiplayer component.

In the narrative driven portion players enter the shoes of Jack Cooper, a member of a paramilitary militia that links with a one of the titular Titans after its’ pilot is killed. It appears that this link between robot & pilot will be front & center in the single player portion of the game. In Titanfall 1 the link between the two wasn’t really emphasized save for the ability to have your titan defend you through an automated A.I if you ejected during combat.

On the multiplayer front things appeared to have evolved quite a bit since the last time pilot’s strapped on their uniforms. The parkour movement system that helped set the original apart from the pack of other sci-fi shooters has been upgraded with the ability to use a grappling hook and then slide into a safe space. EA will also launch a network test for the game’s multiplayer ahead of release but no solid information on that has been confirmed at this time.
Check out the two debut trailers below from EA’s E3 press conference.


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