Titanfall 2 Is Coming This Fall According To EA Investor Call

Respawn’s Titanfall sequel that they have been teasing for weeks now has a solid release window according to the recent EA investor’s call.  Listed in the publically available PowerPoint presentation shown during the call were 8 already announced titles, with Titanfall 2 sharing the same release window as the recently announced Battlefield 1, meaning that we will see Respawn’s next game sometime this Fall.


The 8 games featured on this particular slide included:

  • Mirrors Edge Catalyst (Q1 FY 2017)
  • FIFA 17 / Madden 17 / NHL 17 (Q2 FY 2017)
  • Battlefield 1 (Q3 2017)
  • Titanfall 2(Q3 FY 2017)
  • NBA LIVE (Q4 FY 2017)
  • Mass Effect: Andromeda (Q4 FY 2017)

Respawn released a teaser trailer for Titanfall 2 last week and more information is expected to be released before E3 2016 during EA’s “EA Play” event. The original Titanfall was released exclusively on Xbox One and Windows PC. Its’ sequel will be coming to those platforms in addition to the PlayStation 4.


[youtube id=”hJ1r2f1Jv0Y”]

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