Overwatch’s beta gets a cinematic Trailer

Overwatch may not have a dedicated story mode, but Blizzard is doing a good job telling its story through little vignettes and other lore material. Now with the open beta just one day away the masses have been given one more cinematic teaser, this time with a distinct recruitment feeling

It features the same character that was present in the last short Winston, who further explains the back story of the omnic crisis and the world of Overwatch, then implores you to return and “do something” to make a difference. The short then closes with “are you with me” and some pretty awesome cinematic footage of Overwatch itself. If you haven’t already decided to play the game, I encourage you to at lest get in to the beta for a short time, and give it a try.

I can honetly say that through both of the stress test weekends (I was not in the general beta) I had so much fun that my opinion of the game changed and I purchased it. So I emplore you to at least give the game a try and see if it feels like something you might enjoy. Join me in the beta, and lets go frag some newbs.

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