Idea Factory International Announces Release Date For Trillion: God of Destruction

Posted on February 10, 2016 by Rae Michelle Richards

Do you have what it takes to best a boss with one trillion hit points? That’s the question that Idea Factory International’s upcoming PS Vita exclusive strategy RPG Trillion: God of Destruction. IFI has announced that the game will be available both physical and digitally on March 29th in North America and April 1st in Europe.

In the world of Trillion: God of Destruction peace in the world of demons, the Underworld, lasted over a thousand years until the demon god of destruction, Trillion, appeared with intentions to consume the entire world.  Players will have six overlord candidates at their disposal to take down Trillion and possibly through forming strong bonds this goal can be achieved.

Alongside the announcement of the release date for Trillion: God of Destruction IFI also released several screenshots an official description of one of the characters in the game Levia:

Levia holds the Crest of Envy and is Zeabolos’ childhood friend. Fiercely loyal to Zeabolos (almost to the point of obsession), she chooses to fight for him to take vengeance against Trillion for harming her friend. When she’s around others, she respectfully refers to Zeabolos as “Great Overlord,” but when they’re alone she’s a lot more forward. However, she definitely lives up to the Crest of Envy when she sees Zeabolos talking with anyone else

Check out the brand new screenshots after the jump. We’ll have more about Trillion: God of Destruction closer to its release date.

Levia (1) Levia (2) Levia (3) Levia (4) Levia (5) Levia (6) Levia (7) Levia (8) Levia Character Art

Idea Factory International ps vita Release Date Trilion: God of Destruction



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