Reminder: The Division Beta Pre-load Is Now Available

The Division

Just a gentle reminder that if you have guaranteed access to the Tom Clancy’s The Division beta that runs this weekend that your pre-load is probably available. Redemption varies between platforms and if you didn’t get guaranteed access through pre-ordering the game and you are on the “wait list” then these might not apply to you just yet. For those on the wait list, keep checking your email inbox.

On PC:  Log into U-Play, select “Games”, then select “The Division Beta”
On Xbox One: Check your download histories if your email for instructions on redeem instructions
On PlayStation 4: After redeeming your beta code on the official website it should show up in your download history / PS4 library after today’s PSN Update

We’re already pre-loading the beta on Windows PC so we can bring you coverage this weekend. On PC the beta clocks in at 26.3GB, so you should probably start your downloads soon!

Tom Clancy’s The Division beta will allow players to access early content set in Manhattan in this new persistent world always online RPG set after a massive virus sends the United State’s economy into ruin. As a member of “The Division” it is your job to help remain order and re-estblish democracy.

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