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PlayStation 3 Surpasses 80 Million Units

Sony has sold a lot of PlayStation 3 consoles, 80 million worldwide as of November 2nd according to a recent press release from the console manufacturer. Pretty impressive considering the console launched in November 2006, on average they sold more than 11 million units a year! While everyone is talking about the PlayStation 4, sometimes it is important to look back and see what came before.

Some major milestones outlined by Sony: The launch of PlayStation Plus – which has been providing discounts to PlayStation Store content for over 3 years. Who of course could forget the Instant Games Collection either, every month Sony releases multiple  games for free to PS Plus subscribers for the past two years, for $60 a year it’s not a bad deal. Lastly, the PlayStation Store launched in November 2006 providing free online game play to every console.

I’m a huge proponent of Sony’s free games imitative and surely players who don’t already own a PS3 or can’t find a PlayStation may consider picking up a PS3 this holiday. With the launch of the PS4, I am a little shocked we haven’t seen a price cut just before the holidays. In Canada the PS3 sells for $249.99 and is available bundled with NHL 14 and a 250GB hard drive.

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