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Gears of War: Judgment VIP Season Pass Announced

As with the trends of modern day gaming, not that I’m a huge fan of some of these deals, Epic Games announced today that Gears Of War: Judgment will be receiving the Season Pass treatment.

Saving you approximately 20% if you were to buy them all separate, the Season Pass will include six multiplayer maps, two new modes, new weapons, armour skins and weapon skins.

Here is a more detailed list for what is in the Judgment Season Pass:

– Two upcoming Game Add-on Packs that include six multiplayer maps, two new modes, and new weapon and armour skins.
– Early access to Game Add-on multiplayer maps so you can be the first to play.
– A permanent double XP boost to accelerate your ascent through the ranks.
– Five exclusive weapon skins and four exclusive armour skins.

The Season Pass will be priced at 1600 MSP and will launch onside Gears Of War: Judgment on March 19th!

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