BioShock Vita Hasn’t Entered Active Development

Posted on February 26, 2013 by Rae Michelle Richards

Remember the PlayStation Vita version of Bioshock? Well it won’t be happening until funding has been secured, according to series creative force Kevin Levine.

Originally reported by IGN, in a series of short rapid fire questions centered around various topics, Levine stated that the project is currently on hold. He also elaborated on why the PlayStation Move matters and gave his opinion on the recently revealed PlayStation 4.

Murmurs of Bioshock Vita began to circle at E3 2011 after the reveal of Sony’s latest handheld. Now that we know the game hasn’t even entered production perhaps it will face the same fate as the PSP iteration of The Elder Scrolls Oblivion, desired by fans but never fully realized.

We’ve got the quote from the IGN article after the jump!

“I’ve got my fingers crossed that that’s going to happen because it’s something I want to do but until somebody starts signing the checks, there’s nothing I can do.”

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