Final Fantasy XIII-3 Features Game Ending Time Management

Posted on December 3, 2012 by Rae Michelle Richards

Final Fantasy XIII-3 Lightening Returns hopes to turn the series on its head, just a little bit, with a new time management mechanics confirmed by an interview with outlet 4gamer. Square Enix already confirmed earlier in the year that the game would take place over a 13 day time peroid, forcing the player into a time management while focusing on the other parts of the (combat, cutscenes.. um teenage or 20somethings angst??)

Game designer Motomu Toriyama confirmed that one hour in the game takes about one or two hours in real life. This means that each play through is limited to anywhere from 13 to 26 hours and then the game will force an end upon you. Lightening is able to extend the time the game affords her by completing certain side quests or performing certain actions. Does this mean that the game will end ala Majora’s Mask? I am not sure but I can just imagine the moon crashing down on lightening, complete with that creepy face and everything.

Apparently no player should be able to experience all of the cut scenes in the game in one play through.  So get ready to replay the game a few times to ensure you see all of its content.

Source Kotaku

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