Darksiders 2: Argul’s Tomb Review

Posted on September 26, 2012 by Joshua Rust

When it comes to downloadable content, especially without achievements (yes, I’m an addict), I am cautious when buying certain ones. I like DLC that expands upon a game’s story or content. Unless you pre-ordered the Limited Edition of Darksiders 2, you didn’t get the redeemable code for Argul’s Tomb. Fear not! We are here to offer up our opinion so that can you can make the decision yourself as to whether it’s worth your time and/or money to purchase this expansion. So read on!

Argul’s Tomb is accessed through the “Downloadable Content” tab in the menu system. This completely threw me off as I wandered around from map to map trying to figure out where in the world it was located. Once inside Argul’s Tomb you can see that it’s still the same dreary and cold-as-death environments you are accustomed to in the main campaign. After venture forward a bit you come across Ostegoth, the merchant whom you should already be familiar with. Ostegoth serves as your quest giver (and store obviously).

You learn through Ostegoth that Argul was actually the King of the Dead before a certain someone took over. That said person then sent Argul to the location you are at now called The Pinnacle. After accepting the quests and browsing through the store you take off towards one of the three dungeons that are in this download. All three are decently sized as this download took me about two hours to finish (on Apocalyptic difficulty).

Within the dungeons you will find what you probably expected: puzzles. A huge part of the first game makes its way over to the download as well. You will have to use many of your abilities to get through these puzzles. None of them are overly challenging or mind-breaking, however. The enemies within these dungeons have scaled to whatever level Death is in your main campaign. So at the very least, you will at least get experience (unless you’re level 30). A lot of loot was dropped while making my way through this download but none of it really was much better than what I already had. Even the epic loot at the end is something I’ll probably never use because it doesn’t match my playstyle on the secondary weapon.

Vigil Games, in one of the dungeons, attempts to implement a shooting run-n-gun level. While you can just opt not to pick up the gun and run through the level, it’s probably not recommended as it makes it intensely harder. This is the main area where the loot started pouring out of the enemies. Again, not a lot of it was amazing but some of it was decent.

Argul’s Tomb somewhat ties itself to the storyline in the main game but it’s very loosely. You get three new dungeons to explore, one a run-n-gun shooter level, a couple of new bosses that really don’t challenge the player too much once their repetitious moves are learned, and legendary epic loot that really isn’t that beneficial to all playstyles. All in all Argul’s Tomb isn’t that bad of a download but I’m not sure if the price justifies what is given. If you’re a huge fan of Darksiders 2 I’d say you could probably buy it and be pleased with it. If not hold out for a while and maybe you can catch it on a deal in the future.

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