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No Nintendo Wii U News in September?

If you got to watch the Nintendo Direct this morning, we bet you were probably a little disappointed by the outcome: No Wii U information. You did get a slew of new 3DS information, however. But, today Nintendo president: Satora Iwata killed any hope that information will be during the conference on his Twitter (if you can read that, then you are a wizard) feed:

There are more than a few people who are thinking, ‘There will be a Nintendo Conference in September.’ I want to tell you in advance that the announcement of the Wii U in Japan is planned in a way not involving the Conference.”

Now, this certainly doesn’t mean that there won’t be any news around the time of the conference, but we do know that there won’t be any information during the conference. It should be noted that Nintendo may plan to show only software during it’s conference and leaving information about the hardware using their Nintendo Direct service.

Only time will tell what’s on the minds over at Nintendo.

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