Two Older SNK Games Released As PlayStation Minis

Posted on July 24, 2012 by Rae Michelle Richards

Through the magic of emulation SNK Playmore have brought back a few of their older titles for the modern generation to experience. When we say older, I mean just about as old as our staff members. If you’re reading this and can remember  Time Soldiers on the SNK Alpha from 1987, well then you are a much more hardcore gamer than I can ever hope to be.

Joining Time Soldiers is Gang Wars, ports of games from the 1980s that ran on pre-NEO GEO hardware. Each game is available for $2.99 through the PlayStation Store and will run on either PS3 or PSP using the Minis option on your system’s dashboard. Unfortunately there was no mention of PS Vita compatibility at the time of writing.

Gang Wars SNK Tme Soldiers



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