Wonderbook Announced for PS3

Sony announced today that Wonderbook will head to the PS3. The Wonderbook is a physical book that will be able to be used with the Playstation eye. The Wonderbook will be working with developers and storybook games. Moonbot Studios will be heading up developers to work on the book.

Diggs Nightcrawler was also announced for the Wonderbook.

Books of Spells has also been announced for the Wonderbook by JK Rowling. The book will also work in tandem with Pottermore, the website that focuses on Harry Potter lore. A demo was shown for Book of Spells, in the demo, there were two people kneeling down using their book. Using the Playstation Move, the user will be able to create spells by using the Move as wander; the Move will hover over the book to work with the Move.

Using the book, a dragon pops out of the book and on to the TV screen. A big fire erupts from the Dragon’s mouth. You can put the ¬†fire out by using your hands. The next demo shows the Playstation Book as a player. Words are shown from above the book to following along with the story. You can then learn spells by using the Move to make gestures. When you learn the spell, you can learn a new gesture to cast it whenever you wish. Using the gesture, you can fight against the dragon that was causing havoc before.

Also explain, you can also take tests that will put your knowledge to the test.

Be able to control stories using the PS Camera Wonderbook

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