Shootmania Shown at Ubisoft Press Briefing

Posted on June 4, 2012 by Jason Bassett

In their E-Sports segment, Ubisoft unveiled Shootmania.  Their next game in the ‘mania series. Two teams were pit against each other in Elite mode, which was still in Alpha stage.

In this game, you are pitted in a maze-like arena, the game is like a Team Deathmatch style. The game is in first person view when you’re playing. Once all players are eliminated and then the rounds ends. The pace of the match is fast, you have a massive long jump that will take you to almost the middle of the map. When playing in teams, you are Team Red and Team Blue. In this game, each team had rockets to take out each other in about one shot.

You also could capture bases in the game and once a base is captured the game is over. A pretty fast paced game that will sure bring the Trackmania fans happy!

E3 shootmania ubisoft



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