New Details For My Time At Portia

Posted on January 29, 2018 by Joshua Rust

Games like Animal Crossing, Harvest Moon, and Dark Cloud 2 have all been cited as inspirations to Pathea Games sandbox simulation RPG: My Time In Portia. These influence can been seen heavily in the video below. I can’t speak for most people, but it’s games like this and Stardew Valley that can keep me entertained for hours and not even notice that hours have gone by.

Here is how the game is described by the developers  (via its Kickstarter Page):

Setting sail for Portia, a town on the edge of civilization, you’ll arrive to find a workshop left to you by your Pa – a place where you can begin to craft a new life, using the relics from the past to improve Portia.

Gather materials from Portia’s stunning open world: cut down trees, forage for herbs, mine in the ruins and even grow your own garden. There are many unique areas for you to explore including deserts, island, reefs, highlands, marshlands, mines and more! There are even two different types of dungeons including abandoned dungeons filled with important resources such as relics and ores for you to harvest or more hazardous dungeons where you’ll be able to encounter and battle monsters!


My Time at Portia costs $19.99 during Steam’s Early Access, but will receive a price increase after release. If you’re wanting to pick it up cheap, do so now. My Time At Portia will hit Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch sometime later in 2018. I think this could be one of those sleeper hits to be watching out for this year. What do you all think?

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