Jurassic World: Evolution Trailer Shows Off The Triceratops

Growing up with the Jurassic Park franchise, I won’t deny that my nostalgia got the best of me when this game was first announced. Previously, if you wanted to build your own dinosaur park you’d have to go back to Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis on the PC, Xbox, PS2.  For those of you who may be worried about the quality of this game, let me assure you that the studio behind this game, Frontier Developments, has tons of experience with simulation games such as: Zoo Tycoon, Kinectimals, and ScreamRide.

Here is the brief video for the Triceratops:


We’ve also got some previously released in-game footage:

A solid release date has not been set for Jurassic World: Evolution, but it is expected to release sometime this summer on Xbox One, PS4, and Steam.  What dinosaurs do you hope make the game?

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