Platformer Celeste climbing onto Switch eShop on January 25th

Posted on January 14, 2018 by Jason Nason

Brave hundreds of hand-crafted challenges in this super-tight platformer, as you help Madeline survive her journey to the top of Celeste Mountain!

Action platformer Celeste is ready to climb onto the Nintendo eShop, as well as making its way onto the Xbox One, PS4, and Steam, later this month. The game is another beautiful retro inspired pixel game and looks visually amazing from the videos I’ve seen. Not only that but the music is also inspired and the game has more than two hours of original music.

In the game you’ll have to help Madeline survive her inner demons on her journey to the top of Celeste Mountain. The game looks super-tight and tricky with pinpoint accuricy required with seemingly little room for error. The game is a hand-crafted platformer from the creators of multiplayer classic TowerFall Matt Makes Games Inc.

Celeste is a narrative-driven, single-player adventure, with a charming cast of characters and a touching story of self-discovery. The game features a massive mountain teeming with 600+ screens of hardcore platforming challenges and devious secrets, brutal B-side chapters to unlock, and looks to be built for only the bravest mountaineers.

The controls are said to be simple and accessible. You can jump, air-dash, and climb. There are layers of expressive depth to master, where every death is a lesson. Lightning-fast respawns keep you climbing as you uncover the mysteries of the mountain and brave its many perils.

Celeste will be released in the Nintendo eShop on January 25th and will retail for $25.51 CAD.

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