Next Titanfall 2 DLC – The Colony – Drops Alongside Free Trial Next Weekend

Titanfall 2 pilots who might have lapsed in their combat training or perspective pilots who have yet to get behind the controls of giant mecha have a reason to suit up with news of the game’s next content drop & free trial hitting consoles & PC next weekend.

Respawn Entertainment will release an updated version of The Colony map from the 2014 original alongside a new execution that will be available to all players. Other additions in this latest content drop include a selection of new premium (as in real world $) Titan skins & nose artwork as well as the new R-101 Carbine rifle which will be available to all players as well.

For Titanfall 2’s second free trial weekend new pilots will have access to the multiplayer suite from March 30th through April 3rd as well as the training course and “Beacon” single player mission. Both the training course and Beacon will stay unlocked for trial participants after April 3rd, although multiplayer will no longer function.

Want to know more? Check out the trailer below:

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