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Miitomo updated to version 2.1

On Thursday morning Nintendo rolled out a minor update to Miitomo, with the update going live at 6:00 AM Eastern time. The update brings the application to version 2.1 and introduces a few new features to the game.

With version 2.1 you can now share what your Sidekick Mii characters think. It’s not just your main Mii who can answer questions anymore and your Sidekick Mii characters can too. To be honest I never really got around to creating a sidekick me, but maybe I should get around to that now. I’ll have to be sure to give them plenty of personality.

Your Miitomo friends will be able to see what they say too.

In addition, Sidekick Central is open for business where you can show off your Sidekick Mii creations to global Miitomo users just like you can Style Central and Answer Central. You can also check out other people’s Sidekick Mii characters and find out what they have to say.


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