Clickteam Launches Mysterious ‘Weirder Stuff’ Month Long Contest

Strange… nay, weird stuff are afoot at Clickteam’s website as they launch the first stage of their ‘Weirder Stuff’ month long contest + game jam. Not only are they giving away prizes such as their fantastic development environment Multimedia Fusion 2 but they’ll also be handing out other treats from sponsors like Humble Bundle as well. CT has promised a lot of great treats for the entire community – whether they’ve pulled off an awesome development trick or not.

A Month Long Contest


Starting on September 27th developers can begin developing their entries for the “Weirder Things” game jam. A special theme for the jam is going to be announced next Tuesday and indie devs will have to focus their creation around that specific theme. The official submission deadline is between October 18th and October 31st with winners being announced at a later date.

There will be one grand prize winner and 5 runner-up winners who will share in the following weird loot:

Grand Prize

  • Multimedia Fusion 2.5 Developer With All Exporters (iOS, Android, Universal Windows Platform App, Mac etc)
  • $250 Worth of Cash Prizes (details coming later)
  • A Brand New Xbox One S Console
  • $250.00 In Humble Store Credit
  • $250.00 in Clickteam’s ClickStore credit

Runner-Up Prizes

  • Winner’s choice of exporter add-on for Fusion 2.5
  • 7-Inch Acer Tablet
  • $50.00 in Humble Store Credit
  • $50.00 In Clickteam’s ClickStore Credit

2 Day In-Person Game Jam


Don’t want to develop a game over a month? Seeking a thrill that is weird & wild? Then Clickteam’s 2 day game jam might be the thing for you. This development spooktacular will be taking place across a number of cities in the Southern United States, The U.K, France and a few other European countries.  If you can’t make it to any of the listed cities entries will also be accepted online through both Itch.Io and GameJolt!

Dates: Oct 1 – Oct 2

Grand Prize

  • Multimedia Fusion Developer license + Universal Windows Platform Exporter for CT Fusion 2.5

Runner-Up Prizes

  • Universal Windows Platform Exporter for CT Fusion 2.5.

 Taking Fusion To The Next Level


It is no secret that ClickTeam Fusion is evolving with the development of ClickTeam Fusion 3.0 underway. We brought you the first look at the development suite back in March from the Games Development Conference and now Fusion 3.0 will be making its second public appearance thanks to a special live-stream scheduled for October 1st (which also happens to my 30th birthday, thanks for the early present CT!). They’ll be not only demoing the platform’s upgraded Event Editor but also showcasing an open source title “Saucer Squad” during the live-stream which will showcase advanced features like real time sprite rotation among others.

Keep your eyes peeled on ClickTeam’s official “Weirder Stuff” game jam page because I have a feeling something pretty huge is going to drop on the 27th. They wouldn’t put  a whole bunch of ???????? In a row for no reason – now would they?

If you want to check out some of the creations indie devs are working on there’s also the #IWantToCreate hashtag on twitter.

Here’s to a successful and fun game jam 😀

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