New Pokemon Sun & Moon Leak Show Off New Pokemon Forms & Team Leaders

Posted on August 10, 2016 by Rae Michelle Richards

Nintendo is set to unveil new details for the upcoming Nintendo 3DS Exclusive Pokemon: Sun & Moon this Friday but leakers have other plans for the company’s announcements. Just 24 hours after scans of an early copy of Japanese gaming magazine CoroCoro appeared online spoiling some of the fun, clips & screen grabs from the upcoming Pokemon Sun & Moon trailer appeared online.

Here’s what has leaked so far:

  • A new water type Pokemon called Wishiwashi which has both solo & school forms. The school form is actually several discrete combined WishiWashi that form one giant fish – kinda like a PokeFish version of Voltron.
  • Giant cuddle monster Raichu gets a brand new form thanks to its surfing capable variation which also comes with a new Psychic / Electric type combination.
  • Morelull is a new fairy/grass type Pokemon whose aesthetic is best described as one big purple umbrella and two smaller ones.
  • Who is going to oppose the teenage protagonist this time around? It looks like Team Skull will be our adversaries in this brand new Pokemon adventure and one of their new members, Plumeria is described as “Team Skull’s big sister” as well as a “Team Skull Admin”.

Pokemon Sun & Moon will be released on November 18th. Check out screengrabs from this 4chan/Neogaf leak below:







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