VRDC Announces Standalone Conference Slated For November

VRDC (Virtual Reality Developer Conference) was a successful addition to the 2016 Games Developer Conference this past March and now the organizers behind VRDC have announced a standalone two day conference to take place in San Francisco this November.

Slated for November 2nd and 3rd this iteration of VRDC is poised to not only feature the latest innovations in games & entertainment but also the potential uses of VR and AR in other fields like Healthcare, Travel, Retail, Training, and Manufacturing.

At March’s GDC VRDC offered developers, publishers and other games focused professionals the chance to check out a lot of different facets of this emerging technology. Attendees were able to check out a panel lead by Christina Heller of VR Playhouse – “Women Lead VR: Executives Discuss Creation and Diversity“, Experience Virtual Journalism for the first time or listen to a number of micro-talks on VR Tech and gaming related topics.

I’m a huge proponent of VR, having tried a number of Virtual Reality headsets over the past year – why not ready about my experience seeing 3D for the first time with an Oculus Rift or check out Renee Gittin’s excellent preview of Universal Sandbox from this past GDC.

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