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Microsoft Xbox presser first impressions from a first timer

Woah, So I just finished up with the Xbox Presser, and although i didnt have as great a set of seats as Rae did (check the twitter and the post before this for pics) I was in section 105 and so I got to a pretty good seat.

My view was pretty great

My view was pretty great

I found myself seated next to some friends we had shared a Lyft over with, and we got to talk a bit pre show. Everyone was looking forward to seeing more Gears 4, more action from the guys at DICE with Battle Field one, and what was up with Re:core, as well as the dozen or so indie titles out there. Personally I was floored to see the Battlefield trailer even it was just cinematic, as well the awesome line up of indie titles that Microsoft has been working on. Take a look at all those indie games that MS had to spotlight. IMG_4974

Overall my first press conference was a HUGE adrenaline rush, the lights, the sound, the people, the games, we got to see so much and I am just so honored that I get to share all of this with you. Please keep it tuned right here for more coverage from E3!

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