Purfect Team: Overwatch Kitties

A friend recently shared with me some Overwatch art from the talented artist 솔져앓이 릴루. As the internet absolutely loves Overwatch right now, and has always loved cats, I thought that I just had to share these cute kitty heroes!

Below is cat fan art for 18 of the 21 heroes in Overwatch, only the three non-human heroes have been excluded (Bastion, Winston and Zenyatta).

A little skill with Photoshop or Gimp can turn these images into your very own team composition. I’ve shared my own above!

Symmetra looking stoic and regal, while Mei sits next to her; cute, fluffy and joyful!



Reaper and McCree about to start a cat-fight. I wonder what Reaper’s kitty voice would sound like?


Junkrat looking as hyped-up and unstable as ever, while his colossal bodyguard, Roadhog, rests behind him.


A perky and muscled Zarya chatting to a less-than-pleased looking Pharah.



Two of the fastest cats around, Lucio and Tracer, share a paw-bump.



Even kitty Mercy still has her wings and she towers over her old Overwatch comrade, Torbjorn.



Reinhardt and Soldier 76 rock their scars on white fur together.



The two moodiest kitties, the snipers, Hanzo and Widowmaker, glare at everyone else.



And, finally, D.va playfully bats at Genji, whose cybernetics transferred quite well to his cat form.



Hope you enjoy these feline heroes. Share your own team composition kitties below!

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