New Ace Attorney game coming this September

Capcom confirmed today that the next installment in the Ace Attorney courtroom drama series will make its way to North America and Europe this September. The game is going to be called Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice.

This narrative adventure stars beloved defense attorneys Phoenix Wright and Apollo Justice and sees the return of many familiar faces alongside some interesting new additions.

The title will be released as a digital download only in the Nintendo eShop in September of this year. The game will retail for 29.99 USD.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice sees Phoenix in a brand new location: a courtroom situated in the Kingdom of Khura’in, origin of the Kurain Channeling Technique, where mysterious séance trials decide the fate of all defendants. Brand new to the series is the Divination Séance gameplay mechanic that allows the player to revisit the last moments of a victim’s life. Players must fight to unravel the discrepancies and contradictions between the Royal Priestess’s Insight and what is shown in the séance.

Meanwhile, defense attorney Apollo Justice faces his own challenges holding down the fort at the Wright Anything Agency, as he takes on a case that will have explosive implications. Both are joined by a host of returning friends and adversaries in their fight to bring about justice.

More details on gameplay features will be revealed in the coming months.

The game releases in Japan in June, and a demo of the game was released just today.

Check out the trailer and some screens below.

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