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Doom open beta extended

If you aren’t our own Rae Michelle, you are probably enjoying the DOOM beta this weekend. Its blend of rockets, fast movement, cosmetics and unlocks seems to have made someone happy as its overlords, Bethesda softworks (yes the skyrim people) have decided to extend it to 11:59pm ET. on April 18. Personally I havent been able to get in to it at all, as this weekend saw the Overwatch beta as well as a bunch of other gaming related stuff, but I did watch some streams of it, and they seemed pretty good.

Plenty of peole had the same set of complaints as Rae all of which you can read here  but ill summarize: “It seems that DOOM is a game at odds with itself based upon what I played in the closed beta– while the gameplay mechanics are fun and the shooting solid, the rest of the package feels generic and severely lacking in-depth” Rae was right. Nothing that I saw made Doom seem like Doom. Which is really too bad because in this era of white washed shooters it would be very nice to have one that wasnt just space marines shooting each other.

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