Neko Atsume Update: Four new cats, a new location & tons of new items!

Posted on March 24, 2016 by Renee Gittins

Today a big update for Neko Atsume landed, bring joy to cat lovers everywhere!

The overall theme of this update seems to be somewhere between English high tea and candyland, with a new “sugary style” house remodel and many accompanying items!

Sugary Style remodel. Courtesy of: sheer_deer

Sugary Style remodel. Courtesy of: sheer_deer

There are four new cats, two “normal” cats and two “special” cats. For the first time ever, two of these kitties always appear together! They are the delightful and elegant Sapphire and Jeeves.

Sapphire and Jeeves. Courtesy of: RaspberryFanta

Sapphire and Jeeves. Courtesy of: RaspberryFanta

It also seems that the ever elusive Peaches has a relative in the game, with a similarly low power level, meaning this will be another hard to catch kitty! Lower power levels mean that more powerful cats can “kick” them off of toys (and prevent them from getting on the toy in the first place), so start searching for this little Apricot!

Apricot. Courtesy of: whistleberries

Apricot. Courtesy of: whistleberries

The fourth new kitty is the chocolately Ganache! He’s a chocolate colored cutie! You can spot him perched on the parasol in the first image of this article.

Here are all of the new items currently available to decorate your new home and attract our two new high class cats!

  • Lucky Cushion – 120 Silver
  • Royal Bed – 43 Gold
  • Stump House – 400 Silver
  • Biscuit Mat – 280 Silver
  • Plum Cushion Red – 13 Gold
  • Plum Cushion Pink – 13 Gold
  • Plum Cushion White – 13 Gold
  • Cream Puff House – 19 Gold
  • Honey Pot – 15 Gold
  • Choco Cornet Tunnel – 350 Silver
  • Tower of Treats – 900 Silver
  • Fairy Tail Parasol – 55 Gold
  • Pancake Cushion – 15 Gold

Finally, this update also brings an unexpected bonus: wallpapers! For 20g each you can buy a wallpaper for your phone to show the world your efforts and favorite kitty!

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