Final Fantasy XIV / Phantasy Star Online 2 Crossover Announced

Posted on March 21, 2016 by Rae Michelle Richards


Two super popular MMORPG games will be coming together for a collaborative event later this summer. A small bit of the world of Eorezea from Square Enix’s popular Final Fantasy XIV will come to SEGA’s galactic sci-fi MMORPG Phantasy Star Online in the form of new equipable items based upon the FFXIV Miqote race and an Odin boss fight encounter.

FFXIV producer Naoki Yoshida (known within the FFXIV community as Yoshi-P) made a special guest appearance at today’s Phantasy Star Online 2 fan event in Tokyo alongside the surprise announcement. The crowd in attendance reportedly began chanting “Yoshi OH OH OH OH OH” as he took the stage at the end of the PSO2 celebration announcements held on the main stage.

Alongside the announcement Square Enix / SEGA released a collaborative trailer that showcases the Odin boss fight. In it we can see an entire raid party take on the iconic black armor clad Final Fantasy boss, doing their best to use PSO2’s energy based weapon against their imposing, horse riding opponent. Ultimately the entire party falls victim to Odin’s iconic zantetsuken attack, which wipes out the entire party in one swift hit.


No word if FFXIV will be getting PSO2 cross over items, however, that game’s fanfest isn’t until later this year. As of right now, PSO2 isn’t even available in the West. The PSO2 X FFXIV crossover items / encounter are expected to be released sometime in Summer 2016.

[youtube id=”QPD7k2GvFYs”]

Source: YouTube / PSO 2 Live Stream

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