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Registration For Nintendo’s New Account System Is Live

Nintendo’s new account system, which is expected to be a unified way to connect the Wii U and 3DS, as well as Nintendo’s upcoming next-generation hardware codenamed NX, has begun accepting registrations via the official Nintendo Account website. Although no official notice has been released by Nintendo indicating the account system is available, we were able to create a Nintendo Account and link existing Nintendo Network IDs without any issue. The Nintendo Account is expected to be Nintendo’s multi-generational account system that links together existing hardware with future hardware while also connecting in mobile devices – a new market that Nintendo has pursued interest in.

The account system opened for registrations in Japan last December and included the ability to sign-up and link existing Nintendo Network IDs as well as various social media accounts to the new Nintendo Account and use your Nintendo Account to purchase games or add-ons from the eShop remotely, as well as a 10% discount per 1,000-yen spent in the eShop. No word on if the discount program will come to North America with Nintendo Account’s arrival here, but after Nintendo promised their new account system would provide an alternate reward program to the now-closed Club Nintendo, it’s hard to imagine there won’t be some kind of customer incentive program in our region.

It’s likely that the Nintendo Account will be used in some form when Miitomo, Nintendo’s upcoming first entry into the mobile game market, is released. A tweet from the Serkan Toto, CEO of Tokyo-based gaming consultancy company Kantan Games, suggests that pre-registrations for Miitomo will begin shortly in Japan.

No details regarding the specifics of the Nintendo Account in North America have been announced by Nintendo of America, but when details are posted, we’ll be sure to update you on them!

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