Titanfall 2 Campaign & Television Spin-off Details Drop From Orbit

Fans of giant mechs, parkour-infused combat and future warfare rejoice because details about the single-player campaign, setting and spin-off television series for Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall 2 have final landed.

The lead writer of the sequel, Jesse Stern spoke to financial focused major news outlet Forbes and the juiciest tidbits finally found their way onto the popular gaming forum Neogaf.

In bullet form here are some of the things that Jesse revealed about the world of Titanfall 2 and how it will change when compared to the 2014 original:

  • The world of Titanfall 2 will include the use of magic – an element that was absent entirely from the original game. Stern promises that the use of magic will still be grounded in a world that was primarily centered on humanities’ early attempts at space colonization with no pristine Star Trek-esque future tech to be found.
  • A dedicated single-player campaign has been confirmed for Titanfall 2. The original game was an online only multiplayer-focused affair that offered narrative details in the form of pre / post-match dialogue sequences.
  • A tie-in television series is currently in development at Lion’s Gate TV which will be episodic in nature.
  • The developers are currently targeting a multiplatform release for Titanfall 2. This presumably means that the game will be available on Windows PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.
  • America’s founding Revolutionary War and the American Civil War are cited as influences for the game’s setting and narrative. Respawn wants to explore the consequences of the first groups of humanity’s refugees colonizing the far reaches of space.
  • Respawn is only a year into development and publisher Electronic Arts expects to ship the title before March 31st 2017

[Source] [Via NeoGaf]

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