Dragon of Legends Launches Kickstarter Campaign Today

Posted on January 19, 2016 by Jason Nason

Thrive Games, an independent game developer based out of Hamilton, Ontario, launched a Kickstarter campaign today to help fund their first project Dragon of Legends. The game is an action based MMORPG for PC, Mac, and Mobile platforms heavily influenced by the mythic cycle of Gaelic Ireland and Norse mythology, where the lights of faeries border the realms of darkness.

The developers at Thrive Games are looking for the necessary additional financial assistance to finalize an open beta that everyone can start playing. Since launching the campaign just a few short hours ago, the Kickstarter has already generated just over $1,600 of their $60,000 goal.

The team has been developing the project for the past year and a half and the game has even been a featured project on the Square Enix Collective last year.

So what’s the game about?

Two alliances have emerged across the continent, both struggling for supremacy over the land and as these great powers battle one another for control of Hávamál – darker forces gather to destroy them. Players from around the world can assume the roles of customizable heroic fantasy characters, and explore a lush 2D retro-inspired world full of mystery, danger, and countless adventure.

And it’s a good sign that 86% of visitors at the Square Enix Collective voted that they would you back this project through crowdfunding.

There are a few pretty solid rewards for donating too. A $10 contribution gets you a digital copy of the game while a $90 contribution will also net you a tshirt, signed poster, art cards and more. If you’re feeling really adventurous some of the higher tiers include meetings with the developers to add your own characters, weapons, and even dungeon and monsters to the finished game.

You can find out more about Dragon of Legends at the Thrive Games website and check out their Kickstarter here.

Check out some Alpha gameplay below.

Android Dragon of Legends IOS PC Thrive Games

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