Brand New Doom Gameplay Details: SnapMap Game Modes & Social Features

Posted on January 8, 2016 by Rae Michelle Richards

New gameplay details regarding weapons, the ability to share maps made with SnapMap socially, new playable demons and other tidbits have found their way onto the internet thanks to a synopsis of the latest issue of Game Informer.

Players will be able to customize their weapons with mods which will allow them to add things like remote detonation to the rocket launcher for example. Two iconic weapons – the B.F.G and  Chainsaw will not be selectable by the scroll wheel. Instead, the chainsaw is mapped to the D-Pad and the B.F.G will come up in a quick-time fashion. The chainsaw will be a one hit kill on smaller enemies but larger enemies like Pinky may require multiple hits.

It was also revealed that multiplayer will have more weapon types then the single player campaign – one example given was a lightening gun that was exclusive to multiplayer. A new multiplayer mode was also unearthed, called “Warpath”, it is essentially King of the Hill with a moving territory.

[youtube id=”71jriioiliA”]

New details about SnapMap, doom’s easy to use map editor that allows players to make their own death match arenas.  SnapMap will offer a number of different game modes to creatures including VIP, tower defense, racing challenges, traditional deathmatch and even racing gametypes!  Since areans made in SnapMap are small instruction sets that inform the game on what pre-fabricated assets to use to build the map & game mode they will be easily shareable through a social interface in game called SmartHub and individual creators will have their own profiles to showcase their favorite creations.

There are a lot of details to digest here and to be honest a lot of it feels slightly disconnected because it was only provided in a brief bullet point summary. The Bethesda published Doom reboot was originally revealed to the world behind closed doors at QuakeCon 2014 before being shown publically at E3 2015. A number of Alpha multiplayer tests have taken place, with an invite-only beta (with the purchase of Wolfenstein: The New Order) to take place sometime later this year. The last available date for Doom’s release was April 2016, as leaked by Amazon France but those plans may change.

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