Select PlayStation 2 Titles Are Now Available On PS4

Sony has brought limited backwards compatibility to PS4 owners by listing eight PlayStation 2 titles available for purchase on the PlayStation Store. Available in both North America and Europe these eight games feature three games from one franchise (Grand Theft Auto) and those looking to delve into the PS2’s vast catalogue of roleplaying games might be disappointed.

Here’s the full list of games available as of current:

  • Dark Cloud — $14.99
  • Grand Theft Auto III — $14.99
  • Grand Theft Auto: Vice City — $14.99
  • Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas — $14.99
  • Rogue Galaxy — $14.99
  • The Mark of Kri — $14.99
  • Twisted Metal: Black — $9.99
  • War of the Monsters — $9.99

As you can see they are priced between $9.99 USD and $14.99 USD depending on the game. To be honest I feel like this is a little too much for older titles – even with the added upscaling, remote play and trophy support.

Sony’s largest competitor, Microsoft, unveiled their backwards compatible solution at this past June’s E3. With the latest dashboard update Microsoft made over 100 games from the previous generation playable simply by inserting the game disc and downloading a free version of your favorite game, as long as the disc is in the tray your game will play.

Sony also offers PlayStation Now, a cloud based streaming service that enables players to stream older titles to their televisions, PS Vitas, PlayStation TVs and PlayStation 4. Those looking to utilize their collection of physical PlayStation 2 software appear to be out of luck for the time being.

How do you feel about Sony’s decision to charge upwards of $15 USD for older titles?

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