Blizzards Tells Us Which Overwatch Heroes Had Highest Win Rate!

It appears that last weekend’s Overwatch Stress Test Weekend was quick the success as Blizzard has revealed some statistics from the recent test on their twitter account. Between all of the players invited for the stress test weekend over 350,000 matches were played with an average match length of 8 minutes and 8 seconds.

If you’re wondering which heroes had the highest win rate among the 21 currently available:

Assault: Soldier 76
Defense: Torbjörn
Support: Symmetra

I’m not surprised to see Torbjörn at the top of the defense bracket – with his ability to build & maintain turrets on top of his Armor Pack ability allowing him to drop armor for teammates, I saw quite a bit during my playtime with the game. Soldier 76 leading the pack in terms of assault is  the opposite of my experience – I found his quick healing field and sprint to be useful but his low health pool to be quite the drawback. Lastly the fact that won the most matches with her (literal) nuclear ulti is a sign that maybe they need to NERF THIS! was actually my favorite hero during last weekend’s stress test.

Which hero do you enjoy the most? Did any of these statistics surprise you?

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