Overwatch: What’s New

Posted on November 8, 2015 by Renee Gittins

Here’s a quick rundown of the Overwatch reveals at Blizzcon:


  • Simultaneous launch on PC, PS4, and XBox One
  • Self contained communities (PC vs PC, PS4 vs PS4)
  • Developed for console from the start


New Map: Hollywood


  • Payload escort of omnic director, Halford Glitchbot
  • Hollywood stars
  • Goldshire Studios (WoW reference)
  • Hollywood backlot with facades and cool overhangs and balconies
  • Soundstage area featuring a silly alien movie stage set-up
  • Hollywood sign


New Heroes:



  • Scientist, adventurer
  • Chinese
  • Past:
    • Climatologist for Overwatch
    • Stationed at Overwatch’s Ecowatch point in Antarctica
    • Polar icestorm cut off their communication with Overwatch and stranded them
    • Running out of supplies, Mei set-up cryostasis chambers for her and her companions
    • No rescue came for years
  • Mei was eventually found, but she was the only survivor from her team
  • Travels to Ecowatch points to try to gather data and restore them
  • Ice-based hero
  • Drone companion named Snowball
  • Hard to kill
  • Low damage, good combat support


  • Endothermic Blaster: Sprays freezing liquid from the canister on her back, deals low damage, but progressively slows enemies until they get stunned, frozen solid. Alternate fire shot that has a short delay before shooting an extremely accurate icicle
  • Ice Wall: Blocks line of sight and projectives, acts like a normal  wall in the level for a short period. Can summon under yourself to raise yourself in the air. Flat on the top, so it works as a bridge as well
  • Cryo-Freeze: Stops all incoming damage and blocks attacks, including Reinhardt’s charge
  • Blizzard: Ultimate ability. Throws Snowball, who sprays the freezing liquid everywhere, damaging and slowing everyone in the radius, freezing those who stay in for too long





  • Former progamer, mech pilot
  • South Korean
  • Mobile Exo-Force of the Korean Army (MEKA)
  • Korean peninsula under repeated attacks from a giant omnic from the ocean
  • The omnic learned to control MEKA’s drones, so they switched to using pilots, recruiting many progamers
  • Keeping with her gamer tendencies, D.Va live streams her combat for adoring fans
  • FIghts in and out of her mech
  • Pilot area is mech’s weakspot
  • When mech takes critical damage, D.Va is ejected and can shoot with her light gun while her mech recovers


  • Fusion Cannons: Blast cone-attack with large damage, but slows her movement
  • Boosters: Low-cooldown flight that feels like a charge
  • Defense Matrix: Projects large area that blocks all enemy projectiles
  • Self-Destruct: Ulimate that ejects D.Va from her mech, which self-destructs in a huge, powerful explosion after 5 seconds



  • Adventurer
  • Hanzo’s brother, from the Shimada Clan
  • Genji is seen as a disgrace to the Shimada Clan and Hanzo is forced by the elders to confront him after their father died
  • The brothers fight and Hanzo fatally wounds Genji, then leaves him for dead
  • Overwatch discovers the dying Genji and Mercy saves him with cybernetics
  • He is recruited to eliminate and Shimada Clan, which he does and then leaves Overwatch
  • Studied under Zenyatta to find harmony with his new form
  • Can wall climb and double-jump


  • Shuriken: Extremely accurate, quick fire. Grabs three at at a time and can throw them individually or all at once in a fan pattern.
  • Swift Strike: Dashes the direction you are looking (including up) and slashes with a blade that deals damage over time, dealing damage resets the cooldown
  • Deflect: Blocks all enemy projectiles for several seconds and redirects them as your own projectiles towards your cursor’s aim
  • Dragonblade: Pulls out his blade and gains high melee damage and range

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