EA Announces That There Will Be No Voice Chat In Star Wars Battlefront

EA is keeping the Star Wars hype alive by trickling out a steady stream of news about the final release of Star Wars Battlefront. The latest bit of news is to say the least controversial, EA today through a series of tweets confirmed there will be no “ingame” chat in Battle Front. The tweets are below, but the gist of it is that 3rd part voice clients are going to be needed to talk to anyone in Star Wars Battlefront.


The fact that this is a team based game would seem to make it important to be able to talk to your teammates. EA however seems to think that we can fairly easily party up with anyone we play with. To be fair this is actually quite easy to do on the consoles, but its pretty hard to do on PC. I dont think anyone is going to be sending out invites to their favorite Vent or Mumble server while they are busy calling down orbital strikes from an AT-AT. Perhaps this is an attempt to get more people to realize that Origin has its own voice chat feature, which I personally never knew even existed!

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