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Super Meat Boy & Broken Age Headline Oct 2015 PS Plus

Sony has taken the wraps off of two of the titles that we will be able to enjoy for free thanks to PlayStation Plus. Both Super Meat Boy and Broken Age Act 1 and 2 will be coming the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation vita for free next month.

Surprisingly the PlayStation Blog post is devoid of information for PS3 and Vita owners as to the other titles they’ll be getting for free. Thankfully some eagle eyed fans have spotted the following list from PlayStation Europe which includes all of the available titles. Since Europe and America’s line-ups have mirror each other it is safe to say we should be enjoying:

Broken Age (PS4/PS Vita)
Super Meat Boy (PS4/PS Vita)
Unmechanical Extended (PS4/PS3)
Kickbeat (PS Vita/PS3)
Kung Fu Rabbit (PS Vita/PS3)


What do you think of this line-up?

Super Meat Boy Trailer

[youtube id=”4nMiJ7Hi2Ug”]

Broken Age Trailer

[youtube id=”CPC74oee4TI”]

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