Shoot Many Robots Free, Via Games With Gold

For the first part of December, Gears of War was free to Gold Members on Xbox Live via the Games with Gold program that Microsoft started this year. This only lasted for the first half of December, as with previous months, and now it is the 16th so the next free game of the month is now available for Gold Members to download – this game would be the four-player co-op XBLA game Shoot Many Robots. It will be available to download for free from today until December 31st.

Shoot Many Robots is a 4-player co-op run-n’-gun action game starring robot slayer and gun aficionado, P. Walter Tugnut. From a gun that shoots garden gnome missiles to a tutu that boosts speed and damage, there are hundreds of crazy guns and gear to unlock that boost Walter’s stats – not to mention, make him look pretty. You and three friends can team up to exterminate a zillion robots while progressing through tons of missions, facing uncomfortably epic bosses, and leveling up along the way.

You can download Shoot Many Robots by clicking here for the marketplace link.

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