Remedy Looking To Make Time Stand Still With Quantum Break

Remedy won me over with Alan Wake. Every E3 in recent memory, I’ve been eagerly awaiting the lights to go out and the familiar, “Last time on Alan Wake,” announcement to resound throughout the Xbox press event. So it was a sad thing to hear Remedy was putting Alan Wake aside for Quantum Break. However, this new IP does look very promising and it is from a team I now trust to deliver an excellent gaming experience.

It sounds like Quantum Break is very much about decisions you make and how they affect the outcome of the game. Our hero, Jack Joyce, is the survivor of a science experiment that unfortunately killed his brother and broke down time. This break down produces anomalies where time stutters and freezes, such as displayed in the trailer after the break.

It’s not fully clear yet how all this plays out in game, but we will be looking into this. Also it should be noted that the video below is running realtime in-engine.

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