Naughty Dog’s Last of Us Gets Season Pass

Posted on May 29, 2013 by Rae Michelle Richards

Naughty Dog’s next big Sony exclusive action game, The Last of US, will be released in just a few short weeks and we are now getting our first look at post-release downloadable content. If you want to experience the full singe player experience featuring Joel & Ellie be ready to pony up a little bit of cash.

DLC will come in the form of 3 separate packs, the first of which will add new single player content, a first for a Naughty Dog title. The other two add fresh maps and weapons into the game’s yet to be revealed Multiplayer mode. All 3 pieces of downloadable content are available in a $19.99 season pass, available through the PlayStation store. It is not yet known if The Last of US‘s singe player DLC will continue the game’s main story, or will feature some sort of side-story.

You’ll be able to enter the post apocalyptic world of The Last of Us on June XX exclusively on PlayStation 3.

Source: Naughty Dog via Joystiq

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