Van Helsing Trailer Gets You Into The Wild

Posted on December 19, 2012 by Joshua Rust

The Incredible Adventures Of Van Helsing is a RPG title that is coming from the very talented studio Neocore Games. If you haven’t heard of this game, let us get you caught up on what Van Helsing is all about.

Here is the official synopsis from Neocore Games:

“The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing” is an upcoming action-RPG  focusing on the trials of young Van Helsing, son of the legendary monster hunter. Set in a universe that closely resembles a 19th-century Eastern Europe where magic and weird technology is real, the story follows Van Helsing teaming up with his father’s ancient foes, the classic monsters to defeat the reign of the mad scientists.”

Van Helsing will battle across rooftops of Borgova and everywhere in between. If that’s not enough for you to get excited, check out these screenshots.

Without further ado, here is the newest trailer of The Incredible Adventures Of Van Helsing:

[youtube id=”uYpBe1JQZTY” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Van Helsing boasts a unique story, lots of loot, and tons of customization:

  • Enter a memorable gothic-noir universe filled with monsters, magic and weird science!
  • Play through a refreshingly unique story, narrated by your own character with wry humor, spiced up with snappy dialogues!
  • Fight fierce battles to defeat your supernatural foes with diverse skills and abilities!
  • Customize your character through a detailed level-up system where you decide which skills and abilities you’ll need for the hunt!
  • Use the special abilities and tailor the skills of a very remarkable follower!
  • Let loose your Rage to power-up your skills!
  • Learn the secrets of mystical alchemy and forge powerful items!
  • Make yourself comfortable in your hunter’s lair and decorate your hideout with valuable trophies!
  • Become the greatest monster slayer of all time while playing a cooperative multiplayer monster hunt up to 4 players!

While no pricing details or release date have been given at the current moment, we are looking forward to when The Incredible Adventures Of Van Helsing launches sometime in 2013!

If you’re eager to learn more about Van Helsing, check out their dev blog!


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