Valve Releases Steam Client for Linux

Posted on December 19, 2012 by Rae Michelle Richards

It is no secret that Valve has been working on a version its Steam client for Linux for sometime. This afternoon the closed beta for the new version of the client became available to the entire world. If you are a fan of open source software or free operating systems then you now have a new option for your gaming enjoyment. Just don’t expect the strong library that Windows and Mac users enjoy currently.

As of this writing there are 39 games available including Team Fortress 2, Killing Floor, The Book of Unfinished Tales and Aminesia The Dark Descent.

Check out valve’s official announcement below:

The Steam for Linux beta client is now available to all Steam users, so if you’ve been patiently waiting for an invitation to join us, consider yourself officially invited!

With a growing catalog of Linux-supported games, an active Steam for Linux community group, and a new GitHub bug reporting repository, the timing’s right to jump in and share your feedback.

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