Skylanders: Giants “Hot Dog” Now Available For Pre-Order

If you’re all like me and have been playing the Skylanders games with your children, you’re always on the lookout for when the next characters are releasing.  I don’t know about other regions, but the Skylanders Giants figures seem to be staying in stock pretty well – I mean, Activision & Toys For Bob can’t really make any money of scalpers right?

So today it was announced that you can now pre-order Hot Dog through! I’m sure you could also pre-order this in store as well. Hot Dog will be available January 1st, 2013 (assuming the world doesn’t end here soon huh?). I know I’ll be headed out tomorrow to pre-order mine! So who is everyone’s favorite Skylander from both games combined? I’d have to say mine is between Hex & Terrafin – I’m also digging the giant Bouncer as well!

You can find the link to pre-order Hot Dog by clicking right here!

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