Extra Credits Indie Fund Sponsors Its First Game

Posted on November 4, 2012 by Jason Fayta

The Extra Credits Indie Fund has financed the development of its first game: Mental Drift. Thought becomes reality in this puzzle platformerwhere words from the player character’s inner monologue become tools to change the world around him. The game’s first trailer came out today to celebrate its official unveiling with the Extra Credits Indie Fund.

Mental Drift debuted under the Extra Credits banner in August’s Penny Arcade Expo. Attendees were invited to play the demo and share their feedback on the game’s early development. “We want this to be the community’s project,” said James Portnow, Producer of Extra Credits. “A lot of people put money into this fund. We want to realize its full potential.”

The Extra Credits Indie Fund began as a fundraiser to help Extra Credits Artist Allison Theus get career-saving surgery on her arm. When the community’s donations exceeded the goals, the Extra Credits team dedicated the additional resources to create jobs for game developers under a new publishing initiative. Mental Drift is the first of several games to be selected by the Extra Credits Indie Fund.

Lo and Behold! Games, the development team behind Mental Drift, have created multiple innovative games. They appeared in the PAX 10 indie showcase with their first title, the gravity-reversing game A Flipping Good Time, and have continued to attract attention with subsequent projects such as Nebulous Hero and Man vs. the World. Mental Drift continues the team’s tradition of creating new experiences to enliven established genres by making the character’s inner narrative the central focus of gameplay.

[youtube id=”cL-A9k2e4UE” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Extra Credits Indie Fund Lo and Behold! Games Mental Drift



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