Broken Joysticks Forum Launched!

Today is an amazing day for community here at Broken Joysticks! We are finally unveiling our new forums! That’s right! Broken Joysticks now have our very own forums. And they are ready to be accessed…TODAY.

There are a few notes we’d like to share before you head over to the forums. Please note that the forums are currently in alpha and there maybe a few hitches along the way. If you do, please post in Site Announcement forums under the bug thread that was created. Please be sure to mention in detail what your problem was and we when handle with it with haste. Now without further adieu…

Head on over to and you will find our new forums there! Be sure to sign up and start discussing all things gaming!

Thanks to all of you readers who made this possible!

Jason Bassett
Executive Editor/Community Manager
Broken Joysticks

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