The Broken Joysticks Top 5: Nostalgic Pick Me Up RPGS

Posted on July 24, 2012 by Eric Bastelak

Greeting dear readers, you will have to excuse my infrequent posts as of late as I prepare for a big move I’m finding myself with less time. Chores, apartment viewings, work and, Rainbow Moon (Yes that review will be posted VERY soon). As life keeps throwing curve balls at me I tend to get depressed. When I get down I always seem to gravitate to immersive games from my childhood. I get wrapped up in these games. They provide an escape which can be a great break from reality. I always come back feeling refreshed ready to tackle whatever life has to throw at me.You have to be careful with escapism as it can become addicting. However, I feel a healthy dose of escapism and immersion is important. This is very much like when someone will re-read a good book for that familiar warm and fuzzy feeling. Using the power of a medium like that (including ours) is a wonderful way to clear your head even if it’s only for a few hours. As long as you don’t neglect real life, escapism and immersion are wonderful things. So with all that said I welcome you to The Broken Joysticks Top 5: Nostalgic Pick Me Up RPGs.

These are the best RPGs in this writer’s opinion to give you that immersive feeling that often makes me wish for my long past childhood. Now typically you’ll have had to play these games before but regardless of whether they are nostalgic you should probably play them anyway. Well here we go:

5. Legend of Legaia

Now due to the rarity of this title I haven’t had the chance to replay the game other then in a Japanese emulated copy so I can’t speak much on the plot (other then I remember being crept out by the mist when I was a kid). But the combat system was so very cool; it had you combining levels for devastating combos and was so much fun. If you see this one anywhere just buy it play it and ship it to me. I thank you in advance. Check out this video a boy off to save the world classic.

[youtube id=”jmU9zSjreAA” width=”600″ height=”350″]

4. Final Fantasy Tactics

Man I loved this game, it was probably the 4th or 5th game I ever beat as a kid. Leveling characters, making cool job combinations, and with the games ridiculous amount of classes no two gamers played through this game the same way. The story had ups and downs that could break your heart and I always hoped for a proper sequel. The game boy advance games were good and all but I would have liked to see the first game’s story continued.

[youtube id=”btHkXlA8__I” width=”600″ height=”350″]

3. The Legend of the Dragoon

So it seems every RPG fan I’ve ever talked to has loved this game and bought it every time it’s been released to show support. So this is another one where I ask why is there no sequel? Crippling fear of money and success? Who knows, The Legend of the Dragoon is one of the best games I’ve ever played. It has a wonderful and romantic story, a well built and interesting combat system, and one of the best deaths in a video game to date. This game is awesome, every time I pop this one in I can’t help but smile. Claim the power of the dragon dear readers.

[youtube id=”DaMWwEgSYuo” width=”600″ height=”350″]

2. Final Fantasy 4

Yes I know this series has made the list twice but seriously how can you not like this game? The redemption of a dark night the fighting of a tyrannical empire, this is the best Final Fantasy in the series. It’s been remade many times in recent years, sadly not for a home console. This one takes number two no question.

[youtube id=”xpAeN9bvPqs” width=”600″ height=”350″]

1. Chrono Trigger

That’s right the only game to top Final Fantasy 4 for giving me that warm and fuzzy feeling. Chrono Trigger, this game is 100% amazing. From the combat, to the animation, to the jaw dropping score, this game is wonderful on all levels. So question, you and your friends discover that sometime in the future a great creature will come forth and destroy the world. What do you do? Many people would worry about time paradoxes and how traveling through time and changing history could very well destroy the fabric of reality. Not if you’re in Chrono Trigger, what space time continuum? Screw that, we’ll just travel all over time collecting allies affecting history and stop the world from being destroyed. Seriously that’s the plot of the game and it is glorious. Just to see a bunch of young kids who think there invincible be like, yeah fuck it, we’ll change the future. Armed with my wooden katana, a talking frog, and a robot, yeah I’ll be fine mom. Seriously though this game is amazing and you need to play it. My mood is always improved by Chrono Trigger. Play this one folks no matter what.

[youtube id=”Dgk5cUGsz-U” width=”600″ height=”350″]

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